“If I gamble I might fumble”

You’ve seen in previous posts that we have a remarkable group of young people using their creative talents to raise awareness of teen gambling problems. They are also raising awareness of problem gambling in general, because young people are affected when an adult in their lives experience gambling problems. The above video is just one example of the shocking degree of talent these young people have. This group member wrote a song about problem gambling, and has now performed it in the community three times. Prepare to get full body chills as you view this impromptu rendition she treated us to after walking in a parade and handing out information about problem gambling prevention.

Are you blown away yet? Well, check this out:

Another group member has been working on some artwork for t-shirts that will be worn by group members as they go out into the community to educate both teens and adults. These young people are truly astounding. Want to learn more about this group? Send me an email with your questions, either through the contact page or to ethielen@nicasa.org.

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