Choose Not to Lose

Whether or not to gamble is a personal decision for all of us to make. Many “choose not to lose” for a variety of reasons. They may be risk averse; the thought of risking their money is just not appealing to them. Some choose not to gamble because they, or someone they care about, are recovering from gambling disorder or another addictive disorder. There could be religious reasons, health reasons (yes, gambling can impact our health!), or any number of factors that lead to a person’s decision not to gamble. Whatever the rationale, we hope that anyone considering gambling will weigh their own unique risks, consider what affect sports betting could have on their love of sports and their teams and players, and make a plan to keep their gambling safe and fun (and revisit this, if things don’t go as planned!). Do you “choose not to lose? If so, feel free to comment, use the contact button, or email to share your words and/or pictures. If you want us to post them for you, please indicate that in your message. Looking forward to your thoughts!  

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