Am I a little Punchy, or…?

Is it possible that we’re already coming up on March again?! Maybe I’m a little punchy, but it seems like just a few months ago I encouraged all of you to get involved in raising awareness during Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM). But my calendar tells me March is just around the corner again!

What can you do, as someone who cares about athletes and their risk for problem gambling? Well, I’ve got some ideas for you!

Register for our free Safer Sports Betting Workshop to learn more. The video below summarizes some of what we cover. Attend, and you’ll receive a free download of the featured song, “Don’t Look Down” by Ivan B.

Join our virtual book club and watch a live interview with the authors. –Spoiler Alert- One of our authors is a former professional athlete who is recovering from problem gambling and runs an incredible podcast and blog about his insights and experiences.

Add the PGAM graphic to your email signature.

Use social media to share Nicasa posts during PGAM.

Get screened as part of National Gambling Disorder Screening Day, at one of Nicasa’s confidential and virtual screening events.

Click Here to get more information about one or more of the above options.

If nothing else, just talk about this issue. People are suffering in silence. You never know who might be given hope just by hearing that there is help for problem gambling.

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